A man from Khokhra murders a loan shark | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: A resident of Khokhra stabbed the man he had borrowed money from, then surrendered to the police on Wednesday.
Police arrested Jayeshgiri Goswami who claimed that the lender charged a high interest rate which led him to commit the act.
Khokhra Inspector YS Gamit said the accused borrowed money from the victim, Subramaniam Mudaliyar. “Goswami said he paid a lump sum in interest. We have registered a murder case and will investigate the interest rate charged by Subramaniam, ”he said.
The complaint was registered by Amitraj Mudaliyar (35), who told the police: “I had gone to Kankaria for a morning walk, when I received a call from my uncle Subramaniam. He told me that Goswami had attacked him with a sharp weapon. I rushed to an area near Khokhra circle where I found my uncle lying in a pool of blood. Subramaniam was rushed to hospital in a 108 ambulance, but doctors on duty declared him dead.
He said that his uncle had given Goswami money and that he frequently met with the accused to collect the loan. “However, Goswami did not return the money. When my uncle got the money back on Wednesday, Goswami attacked him, ”Amitraj said.

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