Credit calculator – Take out a loan quickly

Use credit calculator and get credit decision in 60 seconds

Use credit calculator and get credit decision in 60 seconds

Whether you have the chance to take advantage of a unique opportunity, or if you need assistance with everyday matters such as car repairs or open bills – with the loan calculator from Ferratum you can easily determine your personal small loan for private purposes. The money will be transferred to your account within a few hours without any preliminary costs and processing fees. Simply select the loan amount and term using the loan calculator. The loan amount including interest and fees for the optional services, such as the Astro service will then be displayed to you immediately.

At Ferratum we have set ourselves the goal of offering people ways and means that make their lives easier, which is why it is possible for us to get a loan despite credit bureau entry. The basis of our loan approval process is a scoring model that we have developed over several years.

Our credit decisions are based on a careful assessment of the borrower’s financial condition and ability to repay loans. However, we also pay attention to whether the borrower’s requirements and goals can actually be met by the loan. Although the credit decision process takes only 60 seconds, we consider many different factors that ensure that the granting of a loan is based on solid foundations. The loan decision always depends on the borrower, ie a loan without checking the credit bureau values ​​is not possible.

Use the loan calculator and calculate the sum

The loan calculator makes it particularly easy for you to get cash. The uncomplicated online offer of Ferratum Bank is perfect for short-term purchases or financial bottlenecks. The loan calculator enables you to determine the exact repayment amount for our loans. Simply select the amount of money you want to borrow with the slider on the loan calculator and use the next slider to decide the duration of the loan in days.

With this information, our loan calculator determines the interest rates and immediately shows you the calculation of the total loan costs in the right column. With a small loan from Astro Finance, you save yourself the annoying paperwork and process the loan application completely online.