Lender claiming to operate from Wisma MCA is bogus, says Michael Chong

KUALA LUMPUR: A loaner program claiming to use Wisma MCA as an address is fake, says Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

The head of the MCA’s Utilities and Complaints Department slammed the crooks at a press conference here Thursday (October 7) for using the building in their ruse.

The crooks claimed they had an office on the sixth floor, but Chong pointed out that the addresses provided to the victims were incorrect.

“Today two victims came forward but there are many more who have contacted me,” he said.

“There is no such lender in the building, the sixth floor is reserved for the use of the MCA,” he added.

Chong noted that the department started receiving calls from victims in August.

“They (the crooks) knew what they were doing. This was around the time the offices were open after the closings, ”he said.

Chong added that Wisma MCA management filed a police report on the matter on September 29.

Also in attendance at Thursday’s press conference were two victims of the loan program, identified only as Mr. Lim and Ms. Harimala, who said they had been in contact with the “money lenders” after seeing advertisements about the loan programs. social networks.

Lim said he lost around 3,400 RM while Harimala lost 39,694 RM after being convinced by crooks to transact on various bank accounts.

“A man introduced himself as Reno Lee and told me that I first had to prove that I could repay the RM40,000 applied loan. I was told to make two interest payments first as proof, ”Harimala said.

“Then I was told I had to pay extra for insurance, selling costs, etc. I had to ask my family for money to pay, ”she added.

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