Pawnbroker arrested for selling borrower’s newborn ‘to earn interest’

Rani Begum and her child. Photo: Sanad Saha/Star


Rani Begum and her child. Photo: Sanad Saha/Star

Police today arrested a pawnbroker accused of selling a woman’s newborn baby to earn interest after her husband failed to repay interest on a loan to Sadar upazila of Narayanganj.

Moneylender Lucky Akhter (26) was arrested at Aliganj PW staff quarters this morning after victim Rani Begum (28) filed a complaint under the Human Trafficking Act against four people to Fatuallah Police Station yesterday, said Nazmul Hasan, Narayanganj Police Additional Superintendent. .

Lucky, her husband Hazrat Ali and Ranu Begum (40), who bought the baby, have been charged in the case, the police official told our Narayanganj correspondent.

“After receiving a complaint of selling the child, the police raided and rescued the child from Dakkhin Pasha village in Munshiganj last night. At that time, Ranu Begum was arrested,” said declared additional SP.

During the direct examination, Ranu told the police that she bought the child from Lucky Begum for 65,000 Tk. However, the child’s mother was not there at the time.

According to the file, two years earlier, Rani’s husband, Falan Choukidar, a native of Patuakhali with wife and children, took out a loan of Tk 5,000 from the lender Lucky Akhter without informing his wife.

Last year, Falan went into hiding when the amount of compound interest increased several times, and Lucky and her husband mercilessly beat him for the money.

Later, the moneylender forced Rani to repay the loan and forcibly appointed her to do housework in their house without pay for interest.

Although Rani repaid Tk 2.10 lakh in cash, the moneylender demanded Tk 1.03 lakh in compound interest and tortured her.

On April 4 last year, Rani gave birth to a baby boy at Lucky’s house but the moneylender sold Rani’s child to Ranu Begum without informing her, the filing added.

Speaking to the Correspondent, Rani said Lucky’s husband held a government post and the police stood by his instructions.

“So I couldn’t reveal the affair to anyone out of fear. Even though I tried to talk to strangers, Lucky beat me and threatened me. I asked them several times to meet the child but they didn’t tell me. didn’t give the address,” Rani said.

When Lucky’s husband beat a man from the settlement for money and then went into hiding on Sunday, she had the courage to complain to the police, the victim added.

Additional SP Nazmul Hasan said Lucky Begum was arrested this morning but her husband Hazrat Ali was on the run. Efforts are underway to stop it.

Lucky and Ranu appeared in court in Narayanganj this midday, the police chief said.

Later, Ranu Begum confessed to the crime and made a statement of confession in court under Article 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The court also remanded Lucky for a day while Ranu Begum was sent to jail, he added.

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